um yeah....

i don't think there will be any more comics. ;_; unless someone wants to get the scripts from rose and do the drawings from them but... i obviously haven't been asking around for someone to do it for me... b/c the comic is really only half mine and half hers. i dunno how to explain it but it would be like cutting a person in half and then putting on half of another body. *sighs*

*sighs sadly*

i have no idea if happyland is going to be updated ever again. it's all up to rose. and she hasn't said one way or the other. i guess it would be a lot easier to find out if i could get on aim and just ask her. the last two emails that i sent her i asked about it, but she never said anything one way or the other...

keep your fingers crossed, guys. i know how terribly busy she is and all...

princess prince

wow the local library has a copy of princess prince! how cool is that? (p.p. is a manga about a prince who is raised as a girl b/c of a prophecy.) now i'm curious as to what other manga i can find thru the library system. i'll have to check their catalog.

IN HAPPYLAND NEWS: i've just written two new happyland scripts. no idea when they'll ever see the light of day in comic form, as we've got a lot of scripts still not up, but eventually i'm sure. i'm just proud of myself for writing again, since it's been awhile.

... does anyone read this lj?

the very first post!

yes this is the first post on an lj community of my own... one which celebrates in the greatness of HAPPYLAND! the best online comic. of course i'd think that since i wrote it. :p but it wouldn't be half as good w/o the beautiful artwork rosie does every week for it. thanks rose!!! *huggles* well that's it. now to just make a link from the comics page and watch the people roll in... all the people who read my comic... all two of you...